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Let s talk about accommodation.

What types of houses do people live in?

There are different types of houses. People can live in a detached house, which is a house that is not joined to any other. It can be a mansion which is a very large expensive house, a bungalow (a house which has only one floor), a cottage (a house in the country usually with a garden). Some people live in a semi-detached house, which is two houses joined together; others live in a flat in a block of flats.

Each type of housing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Living in a detached house gives you privacy but all repairs in the house should be made by the owner, you need more time to clean the house. To my mind those people, who prefer to live in a cottage adore nature: they want to wake up to songs of birds, to enjoy beautiful landscapes, to breathe fresh air or in other words they want to have a calm and measured rhythm of life. Usually such people keep the poultry and the cattle. One of the advantages of living in such a house is that you have your own land where you can grow fruit and vegetables, make flowerbeds and plant beautiful flowers, lay out an orchard, etc. You can also build some outhouses like a green-house, a garage, a tool shed or an arbor. But the greatest disadvantage of living in a farmhouse or in a cottage, in my opinion, is that it takes much time to get to the nearest town, but if you have a car it isn’t a problem for you. That’s why I think living in a cottage is the best option for farmers and retired people.

The largest part of population in this country lives in blocks of flats. Li­ving in a block of flats is the cheapest type of dwelling in a town. A flat can be a studio unit, a one-bedroom, and two-bedroom or three-bedroom unit. It is easy to clean and maintain but your neighbors can make a lot of noise when they, for example, hammer or drill the wall, or when they organize a party.

Would you like to have a house or a flat?

Well, I would like to have a big house in the suburbs of the city with lots of fresh air, with a big play ground for my kids and with some place to prac­tice my gardening skills. If I had a chance to choose I would choose quieter green suburbs rather than crowded multi blocks of flats. Though each way of living has advantages, to my mind, a private house has more pluses for get­ting a pleasure.

Ask me what my house/flat looks like.

Where do you live: in a private house or a flat? What does it look like?

How many rooms are there?

Do you have your private room?

What colors are your rooms decorated in?

Are your rooms furnished with luxurious things?

What place in your flat is your favourite? Why?

Your relative wants to decorate his/her flat. Give him some advice on how to furnish it.

With a bit of careful planning, list writing, budgeting, and not rushing into things, you can make your new house a home, while not spending more than you can afford, and hopefully with a few less headaches and sleepless nights.

First of all, start with choosing the colors you’d like to have, if you hesitate, choose neutral colors. Neutral tones will always work, and can al­ways be easily dressed up with a dash of color in elements such as floor rugs or cushions in the future.

Invest in a quality bed and bedding. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it seems logical to own a quality bed and bedding.

Don’t buy everything at once. As a general rule, it is better to shop around to see what is available, and to live in your home for a period of time before deciding what you actually need, and what will work best.

Painting is often the easiest, most affordable, and most impactful way to bring a room to life. This brand new kitchen immediately stands out from the crowd with its bold choice of colors.

One room at a time. Just not to make you go crazy about loads of work at once.

And last but not least, relax.

They say that the room which you live in reflects your character and personality. What do you think about this idea?

I fully agree that the room you live in reflects your character and person­ality. When you look around someone’s room and pay attention to the way they decorated it you can gain an insight into their lives. First and foremost you can tell from someone’s home what their hobbies and interests are, as well as their general tastes. In other words, if someone has a lot of films you can say that they enjoy movies, while if they have a set of weights this tells you that they like working out and staying in shape. If you see shelves full of books you can say that they are intelligent, well-read as they are fond of reading. If you see any posters you can understand what actors or singers someone is crazy about. If the room is messy you can see that the person is not organized, untidy or laid-back. He could be too busy to tidy up or he could suffer from an addiction or depression. If, on the contrary, the room is extremely clean then this could suggest a person who is obsessed with clean­ness, with so much attention to detail that it annoys other people.