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Let’s talk about the education.

Let’s talk about your school. What’s your school like?

It’s one of the best educational establishments in Minsk that is famous for its high-quality teaching and good equipment. I want to say that our school is one of the modem schools in Belarus. It provides eleven years of education which offers a general course of academic and non-academic sub­jects. Besides it offers a number of courses giving a profound knowledge in a variety of fields: humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, etc.

The building itself is of typical design with the same layout and the distribu­tion of classrooms, administrative offices, canteens, gyms and libraries as you can see in most other schools. But when you come in through the front door you find yourself in a spacious hall with comfortable sofas and large windows.

School has become an integral part of my life. Our social and cultural life is well organized; both teachers and classmates are so friendly and easy to get along with. I am on good terms with my classmates, as all of them are interesting and enigmatic persons. We often spend our free time together and I think I will never forget these years and I will regret that everything has finished.

Does your school have any traditions?

It is very important to have some school traditions, because it unites pupils and gives a sense of belonging and pleasant memories. Our school has a busy and eventful life.

In February we celebrate the "School Reunion Day." Ex-pupils and for­mer teachers of different years come to the school, remember their school years and share their life experience with us.

On Valentine’s Day a special "love post" works, and by the end of the day Cupids deliver love letters to pupils and teachers.

There are different events connected with volunteering to help disabled children.

I will never forget a "Self-government Day," when pupils performed the functions of school administration and teachers. It was very useful and a great fun.

And, finally, I can’t wait for the "Graduation Ceremony," when 11-for­mers say goodbye to the school family, thank their teachers and parents. They say it is a glamorous event, full of style, warmth and gratitude.

Ask me what problems I had when I was a student.

What problems did you have when you were a student?

Were you lazy or hardworking?

What subjects made you feel disappointed?


Did you get bad marks? How did you feel?

Did you miss your classes without any serious reason?

What can you advise a student who wants to continue his education after finishing school?

I must say that when you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. People choose profession according to their own inter­ests and abilities. And the most important thing is to understand what ex­actly you want to do and enter the university according to the sphere of your choice: whether it is medicine, economy, machinery or humanities. But what I fully support is the idea of having a good education.

Today young people think that having a good education is very important. Do you agree with them?

Certainly I do. Our today’s modem world needs qualified people in all the spheres of life. Those people, who think that having a good education is not very important, have their own plans. Some girls want to be good moth­ers and have big families. Other people think that manual professions do not need a good education. In this case they are mistaken. To my mind all profes­sions need special education. Nowadays only highly qualified workers can deal with rather sophisticated equipment and computers. Sure, there are ta­lented people, but to my mind, all the gifts should be developed and sup­ported by education and by more experienced people.