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Let s talk about accommodation.

Tell me about the place you live in.

I live in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus and it’s my native city. I’m proud to be its citizen. It’s an ancient city with a rich history. Minsk is 950 years old. It’s the country’s major industrial and cultural centre and one of its most beautiful places. The city has acquired its peculiar look and coloring thanks to the well-planned avenues and squares, to the green parks and gardens stretching along the Svisloch river, to the historical monuments and newly built underground stations.

The Upper Town, a vast area of the old Minsk with the centre in Cathedral Square, which was the most important part of the city, was built in the 16th century, the City Hall, the men’s and women’s St Bernard and St Basil monasteries, the 17th—18th centuries Catholic Church are also situated there.

The recently restored mansion in Intemationalnaya Street that once belonged to the artist V.Vankovich now is a part of the National Fine Arts Museum.

The city’s second largest avenue Prospect Masherova with its numerous public buildings and dwelling blocks rising along the water-and-park Svisloch river artery appeared in the 70s—80s. In 1985, the Minsk-Hero City monument was erected in the Victory Park.

The pride of the city is its parks: the Gorki Park, the Cheluskintsy Park, the Central Botanical Garden and the water-and-park Svisloch reserve.

There are 6 professional theatres and many museums in Minsk.

Also I can’t help mentioning our National Library with its modem design and nice architectural structure. The Library lights up at night thus making this whole structure look amazing. There is also a nice scenic caf6 where you can dine enjoying the picturesque parts of the city and getting the panoramic view from above.

Minsk today is growing and prospering. Embassies, banks, business centers, offices and other public and private institutions have been springing up in the city. Minsk is so romantic and magic and so attractive in every season of the year.

Would you like to live in a city or in the country? Why?

Well, I would like to have a big house in the suburbs of the city with lots of fresh air, with a big play ground for my kids and with some place to practice my gardening skills. If I had a chance to choose I would choose quieter green suburbs rather than crowded multi blocks of flats. Though each way of living has advantages, to my mind, a private house has more pluses for getting a pleasure.

Your family is going to move. What questions will you ask your parents about the new place?

What will our new house be like and where will I be going to school, all the little things like what kind of bedroom will I have?

What does our new neighbourhood look like?

What is there to do in the area after school or at weekends?

Are there good places we can visit as a family in our first few weeks?

What s my new school like? What clubs does it run? What s the uniform like?

Your friend wants to move in a big city for work. Give him/her some practical advice how to live in a city.

Moving to a big city can be a shock, especially when coming from a really small town or even a rural lifestyle. It’s not just the sheer size that you have to deal with when you relocate to a larger city. There are things like the increased cost of living, integrating with different cultures and staying sane in unfamiliar surroundings. But there are small tips:

buy a map. You can buy a paper map booklet, or if you have a smartphone, make use of the built in mapping software;

take a tour. If you’re in a city that has any kind of tourism industry, book yourself on a city tour;

talk with family or friends living in your new city. If you know people in your new city, talk and meet with them to ask questions and get used to your new home. Ask for advice on getting around, areas to stay away from, nice places to shop, where to eat, etc.

The cost of living will be higher in a big city, so keep your finances in check if you want to survive.

socialize, network, and make friends.

City life can be extremely hectic, leaving you working, sleeping or traveling throughout most of the week. This type of lifestyle can leave you feeling drained, isolated and, in some extreme cases, can lead to depression, so its especially important to make friends to spend time with on your weekends or downtime.

How do you see an ideal place to live in?

I like the saying: "The grass is always greener on the other side." It means we tend to believe life in places different from our residence is for some reason better. Considering this I must say that Im content with living here, in a big city, where most of my family members live.

Among advantages we can find employment opportunities, education establishments, healthcare facilities, food options with a great variety of shops and mall centers, public transport options and a great choice of leisure activities and places to have fun.

Dreaming of having a small flat on the sea coast is natural for people but we realize that it doesnt matter where we live; the thing that matters is our feeling happy with everything around us. For me it is much easier to cope with life having my family nearby.




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