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Let’s talk about your family.

Let’s talk about family traditions. How often does your entire family gather together?

Every summer we go to the seaside together, where we relax, and have fun. But to put our entire family together is hard enough just because one of my grannies lives far away and we can’t meet as often as we want. As for the rest of my family, my uncles and aunts, they are also involved into their own family life routine but we try to arrange our big meetings at least once or twice a year, mostly in summer, at my grandparents’ dacha to have barbeque and to enjoy the time all together.

Is it hard to maintain good family relations?

In my opinion if you want to have a tight-knit family you should respect and support your partner, you should be understanding, friendly, tolerant, polite, sympathetic. Both parents should be involved in childcare. The members of the family should always communicate with each other. If they don’t see eye to eye on some things they should talk it over. Moreover, the members of the family should share joys and sorrows as well as domestic chores. It goes without saying they should help each other in a difficult situation and try to spend a lot of time together. If you form and keep your family traditions it will do your family a lot of good. The members of the family should appreciate what they do for each other and be grateful to each other.

What questions will you ask your friend about eating habits in his/her family?

Do you cook national dishes at home?

What is your favourite dish?

Do you eat a lot ofjunk food?

What dish do you always cook for a family gathering?

What does your usual breakfast consist of?

Give some tips on how to prepare a big family gathering.

Well, I can’t say I’m an expert, moreover, to my mind, it is a very stressful process for the organizer but I guess there are some survival tips to manage everything:

think about the event itself to arrange a place for it;

make the list of your guests and don’t forget to send them the invitations to your party, to make sure all of them can come;

make up the menu, try to remember all the details and preferences of your relatives and the aim of your gathering. For example, if it’s a birthday, you must order a birthday cake. If it’s a barbeque party you must keep in mind all the stuff you have to buy and take to the place of destination;

don’t forget about your children s spending time at your gathering, think over the games they can play or organize some kind of animation not to make them bored;

and last but not least, don’t forget to take your happy mood with you and I’m sure your family gathering will be a success.

What can you advise a boy whose elder brother is con­stantly teasing him?

Well, I can’t be an expert because I don’t have any brothers or sisters but anyway I’ll try to make up my mind. Teasing is just one of those things that happens between siblings. And it is completely normal. Annoying, sometimes heartbreaking, but normal. May be in such a specific way they try to show their feelings. So if you don’t like that, you can tell your elder brother that his teasing hurts your feelings. To my mind teasing will never end. It is just the case of your attitude to it. The more you pay attention to it, the more you’ll be teased. At least it will be good to learn to protect yourself. Something should be ignored, something should be revenged. As soon as you both get older the way of your communication will change for the better, I hope.



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