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Let’s talk about your future career.

Managers are in demand nowadays. What is the role of a manager in a company?

A person who performs the unique work of management is called a manager. That is, a manager plans, organizes, directs, and controls a company’s business. An important characteristic of managers is that they do their jobs by working with and through other people.

There is a statement: "Management is getting work done through people." Most of achievements in any society take place because groups of people get involved in joint effort. Almost everyone is, was, or someday will be a manager, i.e. the person who coordinates human, information, physical, and financial resources of an organization. In order to perform their functions adequately, managers need interpersonal, organizational, and technical skills.

Regardless of the specific job, most managers perform five basic functions.

The first one is planning, which involves determining overall company goals and deciding how these goals can best be achieved. Planning is listed the first management function because the others depend on it.

Organizing, the second management function, is putting the plan into action. Staffing, i.e. choosing the right person for the right job, is also a part of the organizing function.

Directing is the day-to-day direction and supervision of employees. In direc­ting, managers guide, teach, and motivate people so that they reach their potential abilities, and at the same time achieve the goals set in the planning stage.

Controlling involves evaluating how well overall company objectives are being met.

Effective managers achieve the goals of the company through a successful combination of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

How can you describe an ideal company?

First of all, an ideal company gives equal pay to men and women. It has a gym and sports facilities, a good quality canteen. It awards regular bonuses and gives fringe benefits to the employees, such as a laptop computer and a mobile phone for business and personal use. It provides opportunities for promotion and personal development, including regular trainings. It has a generous company pension scheme.

You want to get a loan to start your own business. What questions do you think the bank manager will ask you?

What are the aims of your business?

How much money do you need?

Have you made a business plan?

When are you going to pay the money back?

How often have you applied for any loans before?

Which do you think is more important: following the dreams your parents want for you or following your own dreams? Why?

Mentally strong people don’t let others determine their career paths. Instead, they take charge of their own lives and go wherever they want to go. But if you are not that strong you should listen to your own feelings and talk to your parents. Because what is the point of just making money if you feel miserable doing something?

You know it will sound great if our parents’ expectations are similar to our own dreams.

They say it’s important for a person to speak English nowadays to get a good job. What is your opinion?

I believe that English is the language of the modem world. All people around the world know the importance of the English language in our life, because we need it in our work and sometimes when we meet other people from other cultures, the only way to communicate with them is to use English. We need it for traveling to other countries on business trips as well. That does not mean our language is not important. I believe all people love their languages, but the first language now in the world is English.