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Let’s talk about tourism.

What are positive and negative effects of tourism? How to reduce the negative ones?

On the positive side, tourism provides employment for local inhabitants. What is more, the extra income means that local councils have more money to spend on expanding and improving their facilities, thus making them better for both visitors and residents. On the other hand, tourism can do a great deal of harm. For example, pollution is caused both by the increase in traffic and the litter that visitors leave behind.

Fortunately, there is one form of tourism which is completely environmentally friendly. It’s called ecotourism. Ecotourism is a form of tourism involving visiting fragile, pristine and relatively undisturbed natural areas intended as a low-impact alternative to standard commercial mass tourism. In other words, it is organized holidays that are designed so that the tourists damage the environment as little as possible, especially when some of the money they pay is used to protect local natural wealth.

What is the difference between travellers and tourists?

Being a traveller is more than just being a holidaymaker. A holiday is just a short time away, and it normally involves relaxation. Tourists stay in holiday resorts, not travellers. Travellers go for the experience and their journeys are usually much longer and more challenging. Travellers tend to avoid tourist traps and like to go off the beaten track to discover new places. Travel is an age-old phenomenon, but tourism is a relatively recent invention.

You friend is fond of travelling. Ask him about his experience

How often do you travel?

What countries have you visited?

What’s your favoutire means of travelling?

What are the advantages of package holidays?

What places would you like to be back to?

What can you recommend a person who wants to go on a hike for a week?

Find a Group or Club to Hike With (The fastest way to become a good hiker is to hike with other people because it’s fun and motivating.)

Find Comfortable Hiking Footwear

Buy a Local Guidebook and a Waterproof Map

Hike a Short Distance

Camp at an Established Campsite

Camp Near Other People

Plan Simple Meals

Practice Pitching Your Tent at Home before Your Trip Postpone your Trip if it’s Going to Rain (additional troubles: pitching a tent in the rain and packing it up wet, cooking food in the rain, and drying your wet gear).

Minimize the Amount of Gear You Bring (bring some comfort items and a first aid kit along on your first trips).

Look up Backcountry Regulations Before You Go (Do you need to filter your water? Do you have to pay a fee for using a tent site? Is there a privy at the tent site or will you need to dig a cat hole? Are campfires or open flames permitted? Are there restrictions on where you can camp?)

Take good mood with you on a hike!

What can you advise a person who doesn’t know how to spend his/her holidays?

The most interesting way of spending holidays is travelling. First of all it is necessary to choose your destination. Then you may plan your route and a type of transport. Nowadays there are a lot of travel agencies which will help you to arrange everything in no time. Package holidays are very popular among holidaymakers because it’s very convenient. You don’t have to worry about such things as where to sleep, what to eat and what sights to see.